Event Photography by PixelMusica
Go beyond a simple point-shoot-return approach to event photography with our full time team of photographers that deliver marketing ready, quality images.
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We go beyond a simple point-shoot-return approach to event photography and our full-time team of photographers work to consistently deliver quality images that are marketing-ready.


Our event photographers fuse versatility with style to deliver images that excite and capture the hearts and imagination of your target audience.


We understand the difference a powerful image can make and our photographers are equipped with the latest cameras and a variety of specialised lenses to capture and deliver memorable moments.


Services we offer include:

  • Local event photography
  • Overseas event photography
  • Live streaming photography
  • High-speed instant print


We have the capacity to handle large scale local or international events requiring multiple photographers.
While you are here, do check out our Event Videography services as well!

Event Photography Portfolio